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Our Vision

The Vision is that through our efforts, infants and children with various disabilities, living in this area, will benefit from early life programs and achieve maximization of their potential for development.  Thus in the long term, would emerge artists, craftsmen, other vocational achievers, even professionals particularly among the blind and hearing impaired.

Parents and the society in general, would be sensitized in order to develop a change of attitude to issues concerning disability in general and intellectual disability in particular.

Through this attitudinal change, we hope to achieve acceptance and integration of the disabled into the society with themselves achieving social adequacy and society offering more employment opportunities to the challenged people.




In 2005, the Warri Branch of Nigerwives Nigeria (foreign women married to Nigerian citizens and residing in Delta State), decided to embark on providing a ‘Centre for the Disabled’ – a charity project,  as their contribution to the society among which they live.

The Centre, named “PROJECT ACCHIEVE”, when completed, will provide daycare / therapeutic facilities, advice and counselling, among other activities, for infants and children with various disabilities.

“ACCHIEVE” is an acronym for: ‘A’-Action for; ‘C’-Children with; ‘C’-Coordination; ‘H’-Hearing;  ‘I’-Intellectual;   ‘E’-Expressive;  ‘V’-Visual;  ‘E’-Educational Disabilities.

We were given land by a philanthropist. So far, we have only been able to build one Block out of three. As you can see in the picture below, it isn’t finished. We need much more funds or building materials to complete the Centre.

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